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get your bags packed mr. jones [Feb. 28th, 2005|11:22 pm]
the upbeat skanks


[Current Music |slackers- sarah]

checked out some bands on pure volume. found some cool stuff, and awful crap:

avril skavigne- funny, but the vocals are practical the same as the original, which ruined it for me.

i voted for kodos- i came across this tonight and played a song realizing i already knew them, it brought me back to 7th grade and i still like their sound.

a girl named craig- nothing too special but i liked it. it felt like it was missing something, but i couldn't pinpoint it.

ted kaczynski and the mad bombers- i saw them live in wallingford, ct. and loved them. they're a little harder than i  like but if you can get a hold of the song "skat" rock on. it's a good one. (CT)

a skarmy of one- awsome band name, but the available songs on pure volume are low quality and not great vocals, but the name gives them a little more umfph.

skalosis- i saw these guys live at the webster underground along with stealing for peter who were on the bottom of my list, but skalosis kicked ass. very upbeat and just made you want to dance. good music, good vibes. (CT)

almalafa- from tijuana and lyrics in spanish i liked it, it's different and fun for the first minute or so. if you want to check it out i suggest "tequilla sky"

slackers- they've got the classic ska down. awsome to listen to in your room and seeing them live was amazing. the guy on vocals and trumbone was fucking incredible. they're older and actually adults and they know how it's supossed to be done. right now i'm digging the song "sarah" so if you check out any of these bands  make it the slackers, it's worth it.